Spain Wine Tour Travel Guide

Imagine it is a hot, summer evening in Madrid, Spain’s cosmopolitan capital. One small plate of food after another arrives at your tiny outdoor table. Ham, sausages, cheeses, shrimp and more, all exquisitely prepared with just enough for a bite or two of each delicious morsel. Welcome to tapas, the Spanish tradition of small plates. The waiter arrives with a sample of a local wine. You sip, smile and sigh. A bottle is ordered, and another leisurely meal is Spain has begun. For wine and food lovers, a vacation in Spain is unmatched for pure hedonistic pleasure.

The second largest country in size in Europe, Spain has many destinations to offer those who appreciate wine. Those who relish the excitement of the city will want to immerse themselves in the epicurean delights of Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. With multiple major wine routes throughout the country, you could never set foot in the big cities and just wander through the seemingly endless number of wineries and vineyards.Spain Wine Tour Photo Most of Spain’s 46-million plus residents live in the smaller cities, towns and villages. No matter where you head in Spain, food and wine are plentiful, affordable and quite delicious.

Spain’s long Mediterranean coastline and nearby islands have long been a favorite beach vacation spot for Europeans. Throughout the country are numerous important cultural sites such as the Alhambra. Religious pilgrims come from all over the world to experience the Way of St. James and see Spain’s incredible basilicas, cathedrals and churches. Festivals large and small are also an important part of life in Spain, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

From intense, complex reds to delicate whites, sparkling cava to sweet sherry, rustic to refined, when it comes to wine in Spain there is an incredible array of choices in every price range. Traditional methods are styles are still valued, but there’s room for newcomers and new ideas. This makes Spain a hotbed for up and coming winemakers as well as a place that appreciates and honors the past. No matter whether you’re a wine expert or a novice, Spain will roll out the welcome mat and make you feel at home. No wonder that Spain is the second most popular tourist destination in Europe. When it comes to fabulous wine vacations, gracious Spain will win your heart and soul.