Tips for your South Africa Wine Trip

As you journey to any country, it is always advisable to find out a little more about the customs and cultures. It will make your vacation easy, hassle free and fun. For those that are coming to South Africa for the first time, here are some tips regarding your visit that will be very useful:

Tipping in South Africa

In South Africa tipping your waitron at a restaurant or coffee shop for good service is customary, although not obligatory and 10 Percent is the usual minimum amount to leave to thank your waitron.


The weather here in summer is hot and the sun is very vicious. During your tours of the vineyards it is very easy to get burned, so be sure to bring along a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30.


While the summers are generally pleasant and warm, on occasion especially in the inland areas of Tulbagh and Wellington, the evenings can be rather chilly, so be sure to always have a jacket or warm top with you. The Cape is also known as the Cape of all Seasons, and is notorious for its constantly changing weather. While one minute might be hot and sunny, the next could be cold and windy, or rainy.

Wine Tour Booking

Due to the popularity of the many wine route areas and tasting venues, it is imperative to book your trips and wine tours well in advance. You will be able to book via telephone and sometimes via email. As we have mentioned before, the changing weather can on occasion play havoc with your plans, so be sure to give all your contact details including your hotel or guest house number, mobile number and email address (if you have your laptop with you) in case of any last minute changes regarding your tour.