Swartland Wine Tasting Tours

The Swartland, meaning “black country” is so named because of the indigenous bushes there that turn a very dark color during the year. Although this area is famous for its wheat farming and sheep farming, the production of wine is also one of the major attractions. The many areas that make up the Swartland are Eland’s Bay, Riebeek West, Porterville, Morreesburg, Koringberg and the main town of Malmesbury. Here you will find a gorgeous and colorful place with many natural parks and nature trails that allow you to witness the breathtaking protea farms, wild flowers, and orchards.

Swartland Climate

Here you will expect to find a dryland climate for producing a fantastic array of red wines, but along the Eland’s Bay Coast many white wines are also receiving wide acclaim. There is a vast range of conditions in the Swartland including the dry, coastal and river valley terroirs. Most of the vines are not irrigated, and some only towards the end of the summer. The soil is a mixture of granite, clay and sandstone with the Glenrosa – scali type prominent on the north eastern mountain slopes. Here the winter temperatures are very cold with an average rainfall of 500mm. The summers are very hot during the day and cool at night.

The Best Swartland Wines

This area is well known for its spicy, wooded red wine varietals and most of the grapes are blended with irrigated ones to produce the distinct flavors. The Malbec is one of those that has been awarded, as well as the Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the various Ports that are produced here.

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