Tour the Wineries of Stellenbosch

The historic, academic town of Stellenbosch is home to most of the country’s oldest wineries. Here you will find the only viticulture department in the country at Stellenbosch University along with an experimental attitude towards wine making. The town was established in 1979 and named after its founder Simon Van der Stel. It lies on the banks of the Eerste River and contains many of the country’s oldest buildings and houses. The Stellenbosch Wine Route was established in 1971.

Stellenbosch Climate

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of mountains, rivers and ancient Oak trees, the vineyards here thrive in the warm Mediterranean climate. The summer temperature averages 28 degrees Celsius while the winter temperatures are around 19 degrees. The rainfall is usually around 600 – 800 mm during the winter months. The soil here is alluvial and there are three different kinds as you move further up into the hills. Due to moderately cool winds that blow in off the Atlantic Ocean in False Bay, this region has the ultimate climate for grape growing, especially of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

The Best Stellenbosch Wines

Stellenbosch has achieves the most accolades for its wines out of all the wine regions in the country. The Pinotage is the variety that is produced the most, although this area does also offer unique wooded reds, dry and sweet whites as well as fortified and sparkling varieties.

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