Paarl Wine Tasting Tours

The Paarl Vintners began to produce wines from the mid 1600s and today there are about 35 top quality cellars producing export wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines. The KVW brandy and wine cellars are located here on the earliest farm in the area, La Concord. Here you can also experience the exotic cheeses, olives and other fresh produce made to perfection. The most famous and oldest of the wineries is Nederburg which offers delightful semi sweet, off dry and dry white wines as well as the rose style and reds. Paarl is so named because of the massive granite boulder that looks like a huge pearl standing over the town. In the sun after its rains, the granite glistens like diamonds. This expansive outcrop was originally named Diamond and Pearl Mountain, and later shortened to Paarl.

Paarl Climate

With the climate of long and rather warm summers combined with fairly high rainfall, this area rarely needs any irrigation. Here you will find the perfect conditions for growing red grapes that are fruity, rich and dark.

The Best Paarl Wines

This stop on the South African wine route is well known as the first “red route” in the world and it produces many award winning full-bodied wines like the Shiraz, Pinotage, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Roodeberg. The predominance of the red varietals does not make the white ones any less pleasant or popular. The Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay are particular favorites and have won many awards over the years.

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