Touring the Wineries of Elim

Cape Agulhas is where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. It is the southern most point of the African continent, and the southern most grape growing region in Africa as well. This merger can also be true of the wines grown in this region, specifically in the village of Elim. The wines from here are taking the viticulture world pleasantly by surprise, as they burst with texture and flavor that has never been tasted before owing to its unique "terroir." Although this is still a young wine producing area, the isolated hamlet has actually been growing grapes since the Moravian Missionaries settled here in 1824, to supply the sacramental wine.

Elim Climate

The climate here is cool and makes it optimal for the production of excellent quality Sauvignon Blanc wines. The cool maritime winds are usually blowing at around 20 to 40 kilometers per hour and the average ripening period sees temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, much cooler than in the other parts of the Cape. There is plenty of rainfall and there are 18 different types of soil to give the wines their unique flavors.

The Best Elim Wines

The Sauvignon Blanc is the most popular wine from this region, but following close behind are the Shiraz and an interesting blend with a grassy aroma called Nouvelle. This white variety is made by crossing the Semillon and Crouchen Blanc. Out of the red wines, the Merlot is most prominent.

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