Wine Tasting Tours in Durbanville

The Durbanville area is located about 20 kilometers from Cape Town and is one of the wine areas usually overlooked, due to the location in amidst a large residential area. There are around 9 wine estates in this area, most of them with vineyards hugging the Tygerberg Mountain Range overlooking Table Mountain and Robben Island in Table Bay. The terroir for each vineyard is very different from one place to the next as Durbanville boasts many climate conditions.

Durbanville Climate

In Durbanville you will experience hotter temperatures than near the coast although here you will get the influence of the cool breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. This is a micro climate that provides the perfect conditions for highly concentrated, noble grapes. Some vineyards on the slopes produce quality fruity flavored wines in the hot conditions and deep soils, with the occasional night mists. Some are located further down in the valley in more humid, conditions with early morning dew. The vineyards can also vary depending on whether they face the North or South, both of which is possible in Durbanville.

The Best Durbanville Wines

It can be said without a doubt that this area is the premier Sauvignon Blanc producing area with farm making techniques dating back to the late 1600s. This area however, produces a vast range of wines and the reds are fruity and elegant like the award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot.

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