Touring the Wineries of South America

Tourism in South America is gaining in popularity. The diverseness of South America’s cultures, landscapes and languages along with a rich historical background are making South America a favorite for tourists who want it all.

The affordability of travel within the continent is another reason to visit and excellent accommodations and amazing adventures can be purchased at a fraction of normal travel prices. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay have all seen an increase in tourism as a result of this influx, however, a special interest in their wine industry has made them amongst the most popular. Chile and Argentina are among South America’s largest wine producing countries and consequently, tourists from all over the world travel to these respective countries to visit, taste and buy from the continents highest quality wines.

Believe it or not, wine from Uruguay is also growing in popularity.

Chile’s presence in the world market is the largest of the three countries, but still very young. Solidifying its place in the market over the last decade, wine tourism in Chile is directly correlated to its popularity abroad and thus, the industry has grown in proportion to this popularity. The tourism in Argentina was directly affected by the increase of popularity in Chilean wine. As wine experts and fanatics began to flock into Chile, Argentina was making strides to improve its quality. Because the wine regions of both countries are located so close together the increase of tourism in Chile directly contributed to the number of tourists entering Argentina. This, along with the economic depreciation of the peso, increased the influx of budget travelers into Argentina sending rumors of its potential and improved quality back home. Foreign investors spotted a good industry in which to invest, increasing the number of tourists into Argentina for business as well. Together, Argentina and Chile have seen success in the wine industry as it relates to an increase in tourism.