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The Uruguayan wineries are spread throughout Uruguay’s beautiful countryside and reside further inland than its famous beaches. Uruguay enjoys a vast coastline perfect for fishing and swimming and its small size means that nothing is too far away for a quick visit.

The countries highest producing region is located just north of Montevideo, making accommodations for the wineries convenient since the capital has many overnight accommodations and is accustomed to travelers. Uruguay’s other wineries scatter considerably after the cluster located north of Montevideo and most travelers who are on a time schedule dedicate most of their time to this region. Uruguay’s advantage lies in its size and the ease of travel within the country. The bus system in Uruguay is very punctual and frequent, even to smaller towns and less densely populated areas. Because of this, visiting Uruguay’s other wineries isn’t as difficult as it may first appear and some of the most beautiful and note worthy wineries are located in some of Uruguay’s more remote regions, many of which are only a few hours away.

Uruguay hasn’t experienced wine industry tourism to the same degree as its Chilean wine and Argentine counterparts and is far less ‘touristy’ as a result. Therefore, discovering and maneuvering the country’s wine regions are largely in the traveler’s hands. There are some excellent wine tours and contacting some of the operators before visiting is a great way to plan any trip. Most operators will aid the eager and independent traveler in planning their own tour of the wineries if they chose to pass on an organized tour by one of the operators.

Uruguay boasts some unique aspects to its wine industry that Chile and Argentina lack. More specifically, Uruguayan wine is somewhat overlooked by tourists within South America’s wine producing countries and as a result, the country is slightly more rugged and still maintains some of the authenticity so many travelers are looking for. Uruguay’s boutique wineries are perhaps some of the most unique and wine devotees will enjoy the different Tannat blends and other hidden gems within Uruguayan vineyards.

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