Traveling to Uruguay

Most tourists arrive to Uruguay by ferry or plane. The Montevideo International Airport, Aeropuerto Carrasco has connecting flights through Buenos Aires as well as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. There are many direct flights to Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and many of the airline carriers will connect to other Latin American capitals. Airport fees apply, although they are very cheap when leaving Uruguay. Try these airlines: Aerolineas Argentina, American Airlines, LAN.


Ferries are an excellent way to arrive in Uruguay, with 1-3 hour rides from Buenos Aires to the Uruguayan coast connecting to cities like Colonia and Montevideo. Ferries are such a common mode of transportation from Uruguay, they frequent often and booking as late as a day in advance is usually enough notice.

Bus and Taxi

Buses also connect to Uruguay’s other cities and there are popular routes along the coastline. There are also bus rides from Uruguay into Argentina, which are cheap but take much longer than the ferry. Buses within the city are equally efficient as in other parts of South America and Taxis are another quick and cheap way to navigate the city.

Wine Tour Transportation

Many of the Uruguay wine tour operators will come and pick you up from your hotel and offer transportation between wineries. There are also maps for those who have rented a car, or want to go by bus to tour the vineyards themselves.


Passports are required for all flights and ferry rides. Overnight luxury buses require passports to book trips, so don’t show up empty handed.