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Santiago is located in the Central Valley, the largest wine-producing region in Chile. The wineries surrounding Chile’s capital are frequented more than Chile’s other regions because of its size, the amount of wine produced as well as the region’s proximity to the capital.

These South American wineries are accustomed to a large number of inquiring visitors and as a result most have tours and wine tasting for visiting wine enthusiasts. The wineries in this region vary in size, with an assortment of large, small and boutique wineries residing within Santiago’s gorgeous countryside. This variety ensures that each winery in the region has something different to offer its visitors and travelers enjoy meandering between the varying wineries sampling and touring large plantations and small more personally orientated wineries alike. Because these wineries see so many groups and independent travelers, most wineries quickly advertise new blends and allow samples of their finer varieties in order to entice visitors to buy bottles with which to return home.

The surrounding area near Santiago, Chile is picturesque, with the mountains enhancing the backdrop of an already stunning countryside and the wineries within Santiago only add to the tranquil nature of the valley. Visitors rave that the wineries in Santiago are an intimate and casual look into an industry that has made Chilean wine known worldwide, a reputation mostly due to Chile’s openness to travelers and the pride they have in their accomplishments.

The economic growth in Santiago means the city is flourishing as one of South America’s largest metropolises and the wine industry represents a large portion of that economic growth. Chileans are very proud of their wine industry and its place in the world market and are happy to see visitors from around the world and even happier to see them leave with a good report.

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