Traveling to Santiago

The city of Santiago is one of the largest and safest in South America. Defined as a thriving metropolis, the transportation in Santiago is some of the best in South America.

Its proximity to the mountains as well as the beach makes it popular for destinations outside of the city, and accommodations are in abundance. Most tourists when visiting the region will stay in Santiago and travel to Maipo, Chile’s most popularly visited wine region. This along with the size and infrastructure of Santiago makes staying and traveling to and from the city easy and accommodating.

Santiago Airports

Santiago’s Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benitez is the main point of entry for travelers arriving from abroad. Some of Chile’s other countries have service to neighboring countries, but all true International travel must go through Santiago. Upon arriving reciprocity fees are applied to US ($100) Canadian ($55) and Australian ($34) citizens who are traveling to Chile. The stamp is valid over the life of the passport.

LAN and Sky are two popular airlines of choice for travel within and around Chile however, there are several to choose from.


Bus is a common mode of travel among all of South America’s countries and Chile is no different. Within the city, buses arrive and depart to nearly any desirable location as well as into the neighboring Chilean wineries. Buses to Chile’s other regions are also popular and most run over night to accommodate sleeping schedules in cama or semi-cama luxury sleeping buses. Cost varies depending on the distance traveled but for city rides U$S 0.40 will get you most anywhere in the city. Be sure to keep your bus ticket because they are sometimes requested when exiting. When booking travel on the luxury buses within Chile or to its neighboring countries, passports are required. Buses traveling over the Andes, into Argentina for instance, sometimes close in the winter due to weather. Booking your trip in advance is a good way to ensure your travel plans run smoothly.

Santiago Taxi Services

Taxis in Santiago as well as in other parts of Chile are a common mode of travel and in abundance. The drivers are used to tourists and traveling by taxi is usually fairly cheap. Often-times taxi drivers can be hired for the day to tour the wineries however, agree to a price beforehand.


A remise is simply a hired driver. Many know the countryside well and will tour the wineries for a fairly good day price. A remise can be hired by phone or arranged in person for the following day.


The metro is clean and efficient within the city, but will not take you into neighboring wineries. The metro is best left for navigating downtown.


Visas are granted to any foreign visitor upon entering, after reciprocity fees are paid. The only documentation necessary for entry is a passport, which will also be needed for boarding any flights or overnight buses.