Hotels in Santiago

With a population of over 5 million in the metro area, Santiago isn’t short on accommodations. As a point of entry and exit for Chile the number of travelers entering Santiago each year are astronomical and thus, the city has accommodations for any budget and style. Touring the wineries in Santiago is a chance to really live luxuriously if South American travel has you frazzled. Because of the city’s size, there are any number of hotels in which to stay and among them are some very nice four-star accommodations. Santiago boasts an ideal location for travel, with its proximity to mountains, ocean beaches and of course world famous wineries. This, along with Santiago’s title as the Chilean capital means that the city can offer a wider variety of overnight stays ranging from luxurious hotel suites to a modest hotel room or hostel stay. Santiago also has a large number of apartments for rent for those wishing to stay within the country for a few weeks or even months; an accommodation that more and more travelers are taking advantage of because of its long term affordability and convenience.

While some travelers enjoy the amenities of a big city many are eager to escape the bustling streets and even more eager to begin sampling wine. Santiago has many accommodations that reside closer to wine country however, accommodations begin to dwindle outside of the city and any overnight stays in the countryside should be booked in advance especially during the peak season (November – March). Because so much of the Chilean wine industry takes place in or near Santiago day trips outside of Santiago’s wine region is easy and convenient. Therefore many travelers don’t find it necessary to book hotels in every wine region but instead travel within and return by the day to those regions closest to Santiago.

Santiago Hotels

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