Chile Wine Tour Travel Guide

Chile Wine Tours photoChile stretches like a long, slender finger from Peru in the north, all the way down the eastern coast of South America to the tip of the continent in the south. In the central valleys of the country, blessed with a delightful Mediterranean climate and ideal growing conditions, wine grapes have flourished for centuries in the shadow of the magnificent Andes.

The wine industry in modern day Chile is a tale of two success stories – one at the upper end of the market and one at the lower end. In the last few decades Chile has mastered the production of affordable bulk wines, sold around the globe. At the same time, renewed efforts focusing on quality have produced stellar results that keep Chile very competitive in the super-premium wine category. Chile is one of the top ten wine producing nations in the world today.

As a wine vacation destination, Chile is a relaxed, friendly host that welcomes visitors warmly and offers numerous excellent wineries large and small to explore. With a rich cultural heritage that blends together many European and Latin influences, Chile is both sophisticated and vibrant while still retaining Old World customs and traditions.

One of Chile’s greatest natural assets is her stunning, craggy coastline that stretches over 2,500 miles in length. Fresh seafood is abundant and deliciously prepared. The capital city of Santiago with its six-million residents has long considered the coastal port town of Vina del Mar to be its playground and so should you. Between Santiago and Vina del Mar there are numerous opportunities to stop and sample from some of Chile’s finest wineries. Also within a two hour drive from Santiago are many impressive winemaking facilities that could easily occupy a wine lover for several days.

Looking for a bit of outdoor adventure? From riding zip lines to climbing extinct volcanoes to the exotic flora and fauna of Patagonia, Chile’s diverse landscapes have a wealth of vacation opportunities. Along the way be sure to try Chilean Carmenere, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. On a wine vacation in Chile, you can taste your way from one end of the country to the other and still find there’s always something new around the bend. Start planning your Chilean getaway today and discover why this part of Latin America is something truly special for wine lovers to savor.