Wineries to Visit in Mendoza

The wineries in Mendoza have become world famous and they exist in varying proportions. Over 70 wineries have organized tours and welcome tourists to sample wine. Many serve food and it isn’t uncommon for owners to be on-hand to answer questions or indulge in extensive discussions about wine, the industry and Argentina.

Boutique wineries have become a trademark of Mendoza wine country and many people find these smaller wineries more charming than the atmosphere found on some of the larger, production-focused wineries. The personality of each boutique winery is distinctly different from the others reflecting the personality of the owners who run them. Many are retired foreigners with a passion for wine, while others are Argentines new to the business but with a similar passion. Others have remained small over many generations and are run by family members who have been in the industry for years. Boutique wineries are littered amongst all of Mendoza’s wine regions and they are a favorite amongst travelers to the area.

The larger wineries, with their sights set on exports and larger production numbers are an incredible visit while in Mendoza. Many have tours of their vineyards and production areas that are impressive both in size and construction. Many of the owners in these wineries are present and proudly so, and for real wine aficionados no question will go unanswered.

Mendoza’s wine regions take more than just one day to cover, however, during a quick stay most tourists head into Maipu because of its proximity to the city. Maipu has bike rentals and tours available, along with a wine museum for travelers interested in a more historical look at the industry.

Most hotels have extensive information on the wineries within Mendoza, along with prices, maps and tours that can be arranged.

Featured Wineries

A Complete List of wineries located in Mendoza, with tourist friendly activities listed.