Planning a Mendoza Wine Tour

With the vastness of the region and the large number of wineries located within Mendoza’s wine region, wine tours are the most popular way to see Argentina’s beautiful countryside while sampling and purchasing wines.

Different Mendoza Tour Options

The tour options available in Mendoza vary greatly. Most tours are designed around the amount of time you would like to spend visiting the wineries and usually designate one day to a specific region.

Tour options vary in independence as well. Some are guided very personally with one guide for every three or four people while others help you organize a trip to the featured Mendoza wineries that best suit your taste and then turn you loose. Some are very luxurious, and offer accommodations along with tours, and others are geared for the adventurous wine loving crowds.

Mendoza Bike Tours

Maipu region wineries are located mostly along one road. This makes biking the circuit very popular among young and active travelers. At the beginning of the circuit, bike rentals are available for full or half-day tours and with map in hand, tourists enjoy the independence of biking through the countryside during their visit.

Mendoza Wine Tour Operators