Mendoza Travel Advice

The city of Mendoza has a fairly modest population coming in at just over 100,000. However the popularity of tourism to the area means that travel to and within the city is accommodations are abundant and easy to book. The surrounding area is quite large and within the region there is much to see and do.

Flying to Mendoza

Mendoza has one airport located about 10km outside the city. The airport is considered an International airport, because it connects flights into Chile and other surrounding countries. However, from the States or Europe you cannot fly directly and must first stop in the Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) or Santiago’s International airport. From here, local flights connect into Mendoza as well as from most local airports in South America’s major cities.

Flights to Mendoza are serviced through Aerolineas Argentina and LAN.

Buses to Mendoza

Traveling by bus into Mendoza is common for tourists and from any of Argentina’s major cities and from Santiago buses run frequently. Bus tickets vary in price based on the distance you travel. The cama and semi-cama buses are luxurious and usually run overnight to accommodate sleeping.

Within Mendoza, buses run nearly everywhere. The fairs on these buses vary as well however, the cost for a commute within the city is U$S 0.60. To visit the wineries by bus, usually costs US $1.40.


Taxis are a popular mode of travel within Mendoza and within the city most locations are accessible for below ten pesos. Taxis can be hailed or found in the many Taxi stands located throughout the city.


Many tourists hire a remise, or pre-arranged taxi, to chauffer around the city. Remises are a popular way to tour the wineries as well and are more comfortable and luxurious than by bus or bike. Many drivers speak English and remises can be hired by walking in, or over the phone.


Even if you’re flying within the country of Argentina, bring your passport for both airplane and bus trips. You will need photo ID when traveling and to board the plane as well as book your bus ticket a passport is necessary for all traveling foreigners.

Mendoza enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, so arriving at anytime during the year is well suited for travel. In early March Mendoza’s wine harvest festival or, Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, takes place where the cities population booms by the thousands as local and foreign tourists pour into the city.

Wine-Republic is an English-language magazine with up to date information on Mendoza’s wine country.