Hotels in Mendoza

Because of Mendoza’s popularity as a tourist destination and an economy that relies largely on tourism and wine, accommodations are in abundance for every budget. Most Mendoza hotels are located within the city however more remote accommodations exist within some of the smaller wine regions for travelers who wish to enjoy a more secluded version of Mendoza travel. Reservations of this kind should be made largely in advance because hotels and other accommodations that exist outside of the city are fewer in abundance and thus, second options can be hard to come by if hotel occupancy is full. For the traveler interested in a longer stay, apartments can be rented by the week or month, however nearly all of these are within the city of Mendoza itself.

Accommodation prices are higher in January through March when tourism peaks due to favorable weather. Booking a trip to Mendoza during March is a great way to see the city and sample wine because of the festival that takes place early in the month. During this time Mendoza sees an incredibly large influx of travelers and accommodations fill rapidly. Thus, booking accommodations in advance is highly recommended and almost essential.

While Mendoza thrives on a booming tourism and wine industry and world famous wine, many travelers find the city rougher around the edges than what might be expected from a city that produces fine wine and boasts worldwide recognition. Mendoza itself is a very enjoyable city and for a luxurious travel experience there are plenty of options which offer comfort and extravagance, however it is advantageous to seek this out specifically rather than expecting it from all of Mendoza’s accommodations.

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The Grapevine offers an extensive list of lodging within Mendoza’s wineries.