Argentina Wine Travel Guide

Argentina Wine Tours photoIt was only a few years ago that finding a wine from Argentina on the shelf of a grocery store in the USA or Europe would have been a very rare sight. Today, wine consumers all over the world have come to appreciate that Argentina can offer that rare combination of excellent quality and affordability. Wine lovers know that when it comes to big, lush red wines there’s nothing quite like an Argentine Malbec to make the mind, body and wallet happy. What is less well-known is that Argentina is an exciting travel destination that offers a wide variety of experiences that are unlike any other wine region in the world.

Nearly half of Argentina’s 40-million residents live in or near the city of Buenos Aires. Nicknamed the “Paris of the South,” Buenos Aires is a fascinating blend of European and Latin influences with all the amenities of any world capital. But if wine is on your mind, prepare to take a journey west about 600 miles from Buenos Aires to Mendoza province, the epicenter of Argentina’s bustling wine industry.

Do you enjoy skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting or other outdoor sports? Mendoza is the ideal jumping off spot for adventure in the Andes high country. Perhaps you’d rather spend time shopping for leather goods, handcrafted gifts and getting a bit of pampering at the spa in between visits to wineries, galleries and restaurants? A wine vacation in Mendoza offers a broad range of choices for every budget and interest. And of course, whether you enjoy wines that are red or white, still or sparkling, dry or sweet, they are all waiting to be sampled in the peaceful beauty of Argentine wine country.

Argentina also offers wine travelers other areas to explore including Salta province near the northern border with Bolivia, famous for the white wine Torrontes. Those who wish to experience the stunning natural wonders of Patagonia will also find a handful of intrepid wine pioneers hard at work developing this new growing region. Both of these areas are well off the beaten path for tourists.

Wherever you travel in Argentina, expect to be a welcome guest and to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind vacation that you’ll always remember. Savor a steak with chimichurri sauce, a robust Malbec and listen to the romantic music of the tango. You’ll be ready to leave tomorrow on an Argentine wine getaway.