Portugal Wine Tour Travel Guide

Lingering over a glass of Port with a favorite dessert can be one of the most delightful ways to end a meal ever devised by man. For fans of Portugal’s most famous wine, there is nothing to compare with the experience of a legendary vintage Port. There could be no better place to head on a wine vacation than straight to the source to become immersed in the fascinating, traditional charms of Portugal and to learn about how this ancient wine is crafted.

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain, it should come as no surprise that Portugal’s past is firmly linked with the sea. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Portugal was a wealthy maritime colonial power with outposts in India, Africa, the Middle East and most notably, Brazil.Portugal Wine Tours photo Famous explorers like Vasco da Gama and Magellan were Portuguese. When it comes to wine, Portugal’s influence is still felt in every corner of the globe today.

Over 10.5 million people make their home in Portugal with the cities of Lisbon and Porto being the largest population centers. Portuguese people are a blend of many ancient cultures with strong ties to the Catholic faith. Wine is an integral part of life in both the major cities as well as the rural countryside.

On a wine vacation to Portugal expect to be a very welcome guest. Tourism is an important part of the economy. Ancient and modern can be seen side by side every day. The Celts, Romans, Moors and Spanish have all left their mark on the architecture, customs and people of modern Portugal.

The fortified, sweet red wine that became Portugal’s signature is a relatively new invention when compared to Portugal’s long trading history. Oddly though, not much has changed since the British began dominating Portugal’s wine export trade in the nineteenth century. Part of the appeal of visiting the famous Port houses is walking in the footsteps of the past.

Those who are interested in wine will also appreciate that Portugal today is undergoing a quiet revolution in terms of technology and winemaking expertise. Critics and wine journalists are flocking to Portugal’s Douro region lured by new wines that speak to the promising future that this ancient country holds. Discover for yourself why Portugal should be on your list for a fabulous wine vacation.