Oregon Wine Tour Travel Guide

Just north of the California border lies the relatively small state of Oregon. When it comes to wine though, there is nothing small about Oregon. Some of the most exciting pinot noir wines in the world come from the cool, wet hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Experts and critics from every corner of the wine world agree that Oregon has something truly special to offer. Travelers to Oregon will also find many other wine treasures tucked into the corners of this amazingly beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest.

Nicknamed the “Beaver State,” the history of Oregon could easily be written in her natural resources. Towering forests, fur trapping and abundant fishing offered early settlers economic opportunity and rugged natural appeal. From the windswept rocky coast to the snow-covered Cascade Mountains, Oregon remains wild and unspoiled in many areas. Nearly half of all land in the state still belongs to the federal government.

Today, most Oregonians can be found working in the headquarters of high-tech companies like Intel and the global manufacturer, Nike rather than in the agricultural industries of the past. One notable exception is the proliferation of wineries in the state over the last thirty years.Oregon Wine Tours photo With each successive vintage, Oregon continues to expand rapidly, making it third in wine production in the USA.

Adventurous travelers seeking outdoor recreation experiences can find everything from whitewater rafting to skiing, snowboarding, spectacular hiking, camping and fishing. Gigantic rocks with huge waves pound the shores on the coast. Ice-cold waterfalls plunge hundreds of feet. The calm serenity of the deep blue water of Crater Lake and so much more await travelers to Oregon. From the summit of Mt. Hood to the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon is jam-packed with outdoor sights and activities for tourists.

While Oregon’s wine industry is relatively young, its reputation as a leader is firmly established with regard to the Pinot Noir grape. Outside of France, there are only a few places with a track record that consistently demonstrate success growing this difficult and highly prized grape. Visitors will also be pleased to find a broad selection of other wines that are hand-crafted in the small wineries that dot towns from one end of the state to the other.

Plan your next wine tasting adventure in the state of Oregon and discover why those who visit can’t wait to come back again.