Bringing Wine Back from New Zealand

In most instances, tourists can take a small quantity of wine with them in their carry-on or checked luggage. To avoid breakages, travelers should ensure they wrap the bottles in bubble wrap or their own clothing before transporting them.

However, as customs laws vary from country to country, tourists should confirm they can travel with alcohol to their destination.

As most wine tourists tend to buy several bottles of wine in New Zealand, it is important to consider ways to transport larger quantities.

Many New Zealand wineries will be happy to ship your purchases for you, although this service may incur a small charge.

If this is not possible, tourists can send their new wines home themselves.

New Zealand Post permits travelers to send a maximum of five liters of alcohol through the postal service at any time. Posted beverages cannot be more than 70% alcohol by volume. Alcohol cannot be sent from New Zealand to some international destinations, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Botswana, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kuwait, Libya, and Lithuania.

New Zealand post recommends wrapping bottles individually with a cushioning material such as bubble wrap. If only sending one bottle of wine, it can be inserted into a well-sealed polyethylene bag. These packages are available at post offices around New Zealand. If sending more than one bottle, they should be packed in a cardboard box with wood-shavings or newspaper. These materials will further cushion the wine, while helping to soak up any spills should they occur.