New York Wine Tour Travel Guide

Legend has it that in 1626, Peter Minuit of the Dutch West India Company bought the island of Manhattan from the local Indian tribe for a handful of beads and blankets worth 60 Dutch guilders. From these humble beginnings, the city of New York has become the financial capital of the USA and one of the greatest cities in the modern world. But when it comes to wine and winemaking in New York, it is into the countryside where wine enthusiasts will want to head to explore the viticultural bounties of this great state.

Wine has been made throughout New York State for hundreds of years, but since the 1970s it has experienced a rebirth and rapid expansion. Wines from New York continue to grow in popularity and new parts of the state are showing great promise for the future. Wine tasting has become a highly popular tourist activity, making New York an excellent destination for travelers in search of a unique wine getaway experience.New York Wine Tours photo Get the insider perspective – Look on wine job boards for opportunities to work in tasting rooms as a volunteer or paid employee.

The epicenter of New York’s wine industry is located in the Finger Lakes region. Visitors are often surprised to find that this means a long drive from Manhattan. Whether you drive or fly, it is more than worth the time to explore this beautiful scenic area. The most prominent features of the Finger Lakes are the incredibly deep, narrow lakes. Wineries ring the hillsides surrounding the lakes. Some of the finest white wines made in New York come from this area. Riesling and Gewurztraminer are especially popular varietals and come in both dry and sweet versions.

No time to leave the city on your New York wine adventure? Hop a train and head to nearby Long Island. Upscale resort towns on the South Fork of Long Island offer excellent tourist facilities and the nearby North Fork is home to many exciting new wineries. This is still a relatively young area for winemaking pursuits, but both reds and whites are gaining in quality and reputation.

All of New York’s wine regions have well-traveled wine route trails and many options for organized tours and tastings. A trip to New York’s wine country will reward visitors with a host of wines that are not well-known outside of the Northeast. Enjoy the chance to taste the secrets of New York wine country on your next wine tasting vacation.