Germany Wine Travel Guide

If you are a serious wine enthusiast, the country of Germany should be a must see on your wine vacation list. Some of the finest white wines the world has ever known come from this noble and ancient land. If you’re new to the world of wine, Germany would be an ideal jumping off spot to learn more about wine and immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the Old World.

Appreciating German wine starts with understanding the unique geography. It’s actually quite difficult to cultivate grapes in Germany’s relatively cold climate. Most of Germany’s wine regions are located at latitudes much further north than any in the USA or Canada. For this reason, roughly 3/4 of all wines made in German are white, although many delicious reds can be found in microclimates that allow sufficient ripening.

Germany Wine Tours photoThe ideal time of year to take a German wine vacation is in the height of summer. The long days and good weather make for touring the countryside a delightful experience. Winding mountain roads, super highways or tiny country lanes are all accessible by vehicle or public transport. Castles, cathedrals and ruins beg to be explored. Flowers beckon from every windowsill and wooded hillsides are green and lush.

For wine lovers, perhaps the best part of a German summer vacation is the festival season. Literally every city, town, village, burg or hamlet throws open their doors and invites the world to a party. Festivals showcase local wines, beers, foods and music. What better way to examine the German winemaker’s art than by tasting multiple offerings while rubbing elbows with the locals?

There are numerous ways to enjoy a German wine tour other than visiting festivals. Taking a cruise down the Rhine River is an excellent way to explore the timeless beauty of Germany’s historic castles as well as some of her premier winemaking regions. Backpacking, biking and highly efficient public transport all make it easy and affordable to see more than one German wine region in a short space of time. Of course, there are plenty of large and small wineries to visit as well.

Every corner of this charming country welcomes guests and offers weary travelers delicious, hearty food and superior wines. For a European wine adventure, there is nothing quite like Germany to satisfy the appetite for food, wine and good fun.