France Wine Tour Travel Guide

Wine is made in nearly every country in the world today, but wherever it is made, many of the techniques and traditions surrounding the making of wine came directly from centuries of work in France. It’s hard to imagine a single nation that has given more to the world of wine. Critics, collectors and wine enthusiasts all over the world still seek out the rare and expensive jewels from French winemakers.

Producing fine wine remains an important industry in modern France, and a key component in the lifestyle of French citizens. Anyone with a serious interest in wine should simply not miss the opportunity to explore the bounty of enological pleasure that is France.

The country of France would fit into an area approximately the size of Texas, making it the largest country in Western Europe. As a tourist destination, no other country in the world is more popular.France Wine Tour photo Perfume, cosmetics, high fashion and liqueurs make France a world leader in the export of luxury goods. Food is practically a national obsession. Over 300 different types of cheese alone are produced in France.

What could possibly be more romantic than a trip to see the sights of Paris? The reality is that when it comes to romance, the entire country of France has much to offer. From the dazzling blue waters of the Mediterranean to the tiny villages that dot the French countryside to the snow-capped Pyrenees Mountains, France is made for lovers. After all, this is the country that invented the wine of love – Champagne!

One of the great pleasures of a wine vacation in France is discovering that each wine region has something quite different to offer. What is remarkable is the incredible quality so many have achieved. From Burgundy to Bordeaux to the Rhone Valley, a wine enthusiast could literally spend a lifetime and never be able to taste the full spectrum of the French winemaker’s art.

No trip to France would be complete without experiencing the sheer delight of French cuisine. Even the smallest towns have stellar restaurants. Pair the local wines with dishes of the region and it is hard to go wrong, even if you know very little about wine. Whatever your budget and time constraints, tourist services abound and the opportunities to enjoy the French wine scene are waiting for you on a wine vacation in France.