Okanagan Wine Tour Travel Guide

One of the wine world’s best kept secrets is located in the Western Canadian province of British Columbia. Perhaps this is because Canadians enjoy these delicious wines so much, that only a tiny fraction ever leaves the country for the rest of the world to experience. If you’ve never considered taking a wine vacation in Canada, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that a whole new set of wine adventures is just waiting for you in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of Western Canada.

The wine industry in this part of Canada is still in the early stages of growth, but many wine lovers have long been familiar with Canada’s versions of ice wines. These wines are created by allowing grapes to remain on the vine well into winter. As the grapes freeze, the sugars are concentrated, yielding exquisite dessert-style sweet white wines.Okanagan Wine Tours photo Ice wines are made in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec as well as in the western province of British Columbia. Canada is one of the global leaders in the production and export of high-quality ice wine.

What separates the Okanagan Valley in the west from other wine regions in Canada’s east is the ability to produce a wider range of excellent red and white wines, in addition to ice wine. One of the main reasons for this is the relatively mild winter climate of British Columbia. With a longer growing season and specific microclimates, the Okanagan is emerging as Canada’s premier winemaking region. You could be the first among your wine-loving friends to take an Okanagon wine tour, to investigate this up and coming wine destination.

A vacation to the Okanagan offers a wide assortment of activities for the whole family, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Small mountain towns, pristine lakes and dense forests offer outdoor entertainment galore. At the same time, the sophisticated food and wine scene will more than satisfy even those with very high expectations. Low-key, friendly and easy to navigate, the wineries of the Okanagan truly enjoy sharing their efforts with visitors. You won’t be a stranger long in this neck of the woods.

For a summer or early fall vacation destination, the Okanagan is a change of pace that wine enthusiasts from novices to experts won’t soon forget. Escape to the big trees and green hills of British Columbia and enjoy a relaxing wine getaway soon.