How to Ship Wine Home from Australia

Most countries will allow travelers to pack small quantities of wine in their carry-on or checked luggage.

Wrapping the bottles in bubble wrap or clothing should prevent any breakages. However, it’s important to note that customs laws vary from country to country, so tourists should confirm this before flying with wine.

However, most wine tourists tend to buy several bottles during their stay in Australia, so it’s important to consider ways to transport larger quantities. Many large wineries can ship purchases to your home for a small fee.

If this service isn’t available, travelers can easily send their new wines home themselves.

The cardboard boxes used by wineries are ideal for shipping large quantities of wine. Most cellars will be happy to give these to tourists with their purchases. Most have cardboard inserts inside, which cushion the bottles to avoid breakages. To get the best result from these boxes, a bottle of wine should be placed inside every compartment. Otherwise, the bottles will move around and may break.

Foam shippers and WINEpaks are the preferred options for shipping smaller quantities of wine. Foam shippers house anywhere from one to six bottles of wine, depending on the type of container. These shippers are made from polystyrene, so they provide excellent padding and insulation for bottles. Their hardy design makes them ideal for repeated usage. They are available for purchase from most large Australian liquor stores.

The WINEpak is an inexpensive option for travelers looking to ship a couple of bottles home. The bottles of wine fit neatly within the inner section of these recyclable cardboard packages. The interior is flexible enough to hold any type of bottle, including the very wide and very tall varieties. The WINEpak is available in single and double mailers at all Australia Post outlets.