Australia Wine Distribution

Australia Wine Exports and Imports

Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world, shipping more than 400 million liters of wine globally every year.

Australian wine has earned an international reputation for excellence, holding its own against established foreign markets in key global awards.

More than 100 countries currently enjoy Australian wines. These include traditional wine regions like France, Italy, and Spain, and the emerging markets of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

The Australian Wine Export Council (AWEC), part of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, promotes the expansion of Australia’s wine export industry. The group participates in trade fairs and consumer and trade tastings throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Through these initiatives, the AWEC helps raise the image and awareness of Australian wines.

Australia also benefits from a strong local market, with Australians also consuming more than 400 million liters each year. 87% of the local wines consumed by Australians were table wines, according to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Sparkling and fortified wines accounted for the remaining portion, at 8% and 5% respectively.

According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia sold approximately 999 million liters of wine in one recent year. Of this, 414 million liters were sold domestically while the remaining 584 million liters were exported. The Department also stated Australia wine exports were worth $2.5 billion, an increase of 12.7% on the previous year’s earnings.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affair reported Australia’s largest wine export market was the United Kingdom, consuming 221 million liters of wine during 2003-2004. This was closely followed by the United States, which imported 166 million liters.